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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

Nelson Mandela

Why women, why Africa, why Lilian?

Women's rights

Women manage a large part of economic and social life worldwide. Providing them with even more opportunities in an often patriarchal structured environment, which often has patriarchal structures, is an important global sustainability development goal and makes all the sense in the world.


Africa is the continent with the highest potential for catching up with the rich countries in the nothernnorthern hemisphere, i.e. in regards of birth control and  level of social development. This does not apply equally to all countries, but to many parts of Subsahara Sub-Saharan Africa for sure. Nevertheless, Africa is already capable to produce innovations such as money accounts on cell phone numbers (MPesa). Not to mention the many natural resources such as sun and water, which must be used effectively and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Lilian and her educational path

Lilian was introduced to us by a friend. The fact that she dared to tackle technical topics and achieved a master’s degree at a top university in Africa prompted us to think about which support we should prioritize for further positive development in Africa, namely education for talented girls and young women to push ahead.

Lilian and many, many other girls will make the difference in the years and decades to come: they will raise the level of education and health care to a new level and professionalize  the energy and water system.

Good luck and success and our support from Germany for the talented girls who cannot follow the educational ladder on their own, due to financial restrictions.

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Founder of  Lilian Education

KI Projekt in Ruanda:

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Promote the technical education of young African women

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