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Our Mission

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To provide high-performing but low-income African girls access to further education - with a focus on technical training



To prepare female students to take leadership initiatives in the development of the African continent, especially in the technical fields (digitization, agriculture, water and electricity supply ..)

Provide assistance in the event of difficulties in during studying progressthe studies


To trigger interest in technology, biology and nature (STEM) in girls and young women

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We believe that every woman will accept herself
define their future and change the world.


With the money that we obtain through donations, we finance specifically selected girls aged 16 and over above (according to the our mission) for higher education.

These can be girls at the end of their high school, i.e.  and thus a degree comparable to the German Abitur, vocational training at a polytechnic school, bachelor's degree programs at college or university.


The costs per girl and young woman will be very different - on the one hand due to different systems (fees) and cost levels of living per country, o. On the other hand, due to the specific situation and training, in which the girl / young woman finds herself. For example, you one can finance a girl in Kenya who is in her senior years of high school with € 50 a month, but if you one wants to send a talented girl from the countrya rural area to a university in the country's capital without funds (often Often there are only in the capital regular colleges and universities.), several hundred euros Euros per month can have to be spent on tuition fees, accommodation, meals and everything else that you she needs for a decent life.

Unsere Mission

LilianEducations team role

We see ourselves as:

  • Mediator between school/ college and the students

  • Mediator between partner organizations and female students

We need your support!

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