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The founders of LilianEducation

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Philipp Weltzien ,

53 years, married, business graduate, 20 years in a managerial position (controlling, customer service and process improvement) at Hollister Incorporated, branch in Germany;

Hobbies: football (no longer active), endurance sports: boring, but unfortunately football is no longer possible, Card Games (Skat which is very German) and sailing


Current Life motto: “Lets turn left and take a new first step. Inspire friends. "

Bild Theresa.jpg

Theresa - 23, has a bachelor's degree in marketing and management, since her bachelor's thesis (CSR in the fashion industry) she has dealt a lot with the topic of sustainability and is aiming for a master's in sustainable development.  


She is currently working as a paramedic, and she could also imagine studying medicine afterwards.  


Motto: "Don't look for the 'why' for long, just do it."

elena.weltzien s:w.jpg

Elena  - 20,  I'm studying for a Bachelor's degree in Psychology in the Netherlands. For me it is important to help other people who are not in a privileged position like me. I think it is important that committed people from the western world stand up for social justice and equality in order to give everyone a fair chance for a good life.

Motto: "Lets Go!"

"If women ran every country in the world there would be a general improvement in living standards and outcomes" Barack Obama
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