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Ruanda 04 2022

Ruanda 04 2022

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We currently support a total of 12 girls and young women:


From Nairobi, Kenya we were able to finance three girls a full scholarship for their selected Highschool. CARREN, LETICIA and STEPHANIE have made their way to a very good secondary school for targeting their Matura within a 3 year education, by having achieved an well above average degree at their former primary schools. Since their families unfortunately cannot afford the school fees, we have taken the fees on their behalf.

CARREN's school is the nationally known boarding school for girls  Precious Blood Riruta  is a publicly funded school founded in 1964 by the Precious Blood Catholic Sisterhood. You can find the following documentation on Youtube:  

Here are a few picture impressions of the "school enrollment" and the admission procedure. CARREN in a green school uniform and LETICIA with a red checked skirt.

Thanks a lot to Ronnie who made it possible!

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