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Cost in Embu County, Kenya
Source: KIDS Kenya under FAQs

We can classify our KIDS into different groups (cost groups):

Primary School Kids - from € 45 / month

Secondary School Kids - € 100 / month

Trainees in Polytechnics - € 200 / month

Universities and college students - € 300 / month

Of course, these are only approximate values ​​and include an average value for food, clothing, school fees and consumer goods. The cost of training can vary widely.

In the case of exceptional performance in the school, we are also ready to enable the pupil to attend a private school. "

Costs for girls sponsored by LilianEducation:

CAROLINE (22 years old). She is a third year student of information technology at Embu College. Funding amount € 1,300 per year;


MADRINE (19 years old) is training to be a tailor and textile designer at KANGARU Polytechnic. Annual funding amount € 800;


In addition, we support 3 girls at the high school who (or their families) cannot afford the school fees and accommodation in the boarding school. Each € 600 per year;


Financing a student in Conakry, the capital of Guinea, costs around € 500 a month.

Tuition fees are only one-time and low, but the cost of living with accommodation, transport, security, internet café, additional compendia add up to high amounts.


The same goes for female students in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia.

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