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Shareholder and Advisory Board

Shareholder, advisory board, donor and supporter


Theresa Weltzien, born 1997, BoA International Marketing, Assistant to the Management at Design Offices

Elena Weltzien, born 2000, student of International Psychology @ Tilburg University

Philipp Weltzien, born 1998, Consultant

Advisory Board:

Birgit Henrichsen, Diplom-Economist, Owner of Elbe 1 Marketingkontor

Sabine Hoch, M.A. Americanistic and History, Philanthropist

Dr. Soenke Ziesche, PhD in Artificial Intelligence, longtime UN employee for disaster risk reduction, relief and recovery worldwide

We need to make sure we're creating spaces to create new leaders and new types of leadership. Alicia Garzia

Unsere Mission

We appreciate your support!

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